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We’ve ​​put ​​together ​​a ​​handy ​​list ​​of ​​frequently​​ asked ​​questions. ​​If ​​you ​​can’t​​ find ​​an ​​answer​ ​below please ​​contact​​ us.​​

Using Conveyancing Prices

  1. Submit your details – fill in the form with your conveyancing requirements.
  2. See quotes – quotes are displayed instantly after you complete the form.
  3. Review and instruct – you review the quotes and if you want to, instruct a conveyancer.

Quotes are displayed instantly after you complete the form.

No more than four, which should be enough to allow you to make a good comparison but not so many that you will be inundated.

We search our network for you – instantly, meaning you don’t have to waste time phoning around. Only conveyancing solicitors interested in your move will get in touch, making finding the right solicitor much more efficient. We also help you compare different quotes instantly so you can save money.

We’re a business and just like any other business we need to make a profit to survive. We receive a small referral fee for matching you with conveyancing solicitors. This is just the same as any other comparison site whether it’s solicitors or car insurance you’re looking for.

Our service is completely free to use. We will never ask you for money. The only payment you need to make is directly to the conveyancing solicitor for the work that they do if you hire them.

All quotes provided through our service are free and without obligation, so if you decide to hire a completely different solicitor or don’t go ahead with the move then that’s fine.

The contact information we ask for is your name, email and phone number. This is so that up to four conveyancing solicitors can provide you with a quote.

We will hold your contact details securely. They will never be published on our website or elsewhere on the internet. We will share your details with a maximum of four conveyancing solicitors, so that they can contact you and supply a quote.

It’s entirely your choice who you choose to hire. We recommend comparing the quotes you receive and discussing your needs in detail with each solicitor. Hire the solicitor you feel most comfortable with and who fits your budget.

Our site is secured using SSL which is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. We also implement regular security updates to our website in order to ensure your data is handled safely. In addition to this any personally identifiable information we store about you is encrypted (like your name, email and phone number that you submit on any form to get quotes).

Either fill out the contact us form on our website or email us at to ask us to remove your details from our database.

Either fill out the contact us form on our website or email us at

If you have received instant quotes but have changed your mind and don’t want any solicitors to call you then email us at

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